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ePortfolio Forum 2012

An exciting networking and discovery opportunity in the form of the ePortfolio Forum 2012 and STePS exhibition has come up. The ePortfolio Australia 2012 conference was cancelled and for a while there it looked like we would not have an ePortfolio event this year. Thankfully the forum took it's place. I've registered for both the forum and the STePS day: It will be a great learning opportunity to see what other people are doing and what the students and staff have done with digital portfolios.

GCTE Ramblings - Socialisation Strategies

Ice breakers, or kick starters etc, are well known and have of course been used for years. This is an example of an online take. In 2007 Dr Shirley Reushle used Forums during week 1 as part of a socialization strategy, whereby she introduced herself in an interesting and personal way, unrelated to the unit content or her role as a teacher (although as it turns out she was still teaching). As people added their entries it allowed = everyone to get to know each other on a level playing field.  Contributions flowed because people were able to write about stuff they knew well, themselves. This was an empowering, social, engaging, and easy activity, perfect for creating connections among participants and engagement in the unit. The key here was that Shirley was still teaching - setting the scene  - leading by example and setting the tone and the theme for everyone else to follow. In 2011 I had the opportunity to tutor under Dr Tiina Roppola for a unit called Learning with Technology,

Sitting is Deadly

"When you think about living dangerously - smoking, drinking and other risk taking behaviours may be the first things that come to mind. But if your days are anything like mine, one of your deadliest habits is one you indulge in most of your waking hours. It's sitting. Yes, sitting." Anja Taylor

Strategies for Online Learning and Changing Roles

During the Post Graduate Certificate in Online Learning at University of Southern Queensland (2007-2009) I submitted the usual number of assessment items (roughly 3 per unit). From these there is one I have used more than any other, primarily for the information in Part A. I've reproduced it here. Part A – Concept Table Critical Element Definition/s Principle/s underlying its importance Operational activities 1. Social Presence “Students in a community of inquiry must feel free to express themselves openly in a risk-free manner. They must be able to develop the personal relationships necessary to commit to, and pursue, intended academic goals and gain a sense of belonging to the community. The formal categories of social presence are open communication, cohesive responses, and affective/personal connections.”   (Garrison & Vaughan, 2008) Garrison & Vaughan (2008) provide the following indicators: ·