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MoodlePOSIUM 2012 e-Portfolio Workshop: post event write-up

Workshop Resources:   ePortfolio examples from University of Canberra staff and students/alumni  Why UC staff and students are using ePortfolios (examples of purpose): Worksheet: A design thinking approach to e-Portfolios: How it unfolded! Presenter (me) introduced by chair person. Panel members introduce themselves and their relationship with e-Portfolios. (Stephen Barrass - Art and Design UC, Stephen Isbel - Occupational Therapy UC, John Waser -  Careers UC) Examples of e-Portfolios shown - student teacher professional portfolios, rich task activity portfolios by students, staff professional portfolios. Some burning questions by the audience at this stage answered by panel, myself, and others. Launch into mini design challenge (see worksheet). People still sitting at self-selected tables asked to determine the purpose of their portfo


Drawing the different elements and happenings at work together is giving me a better picture of where I am heading in my practice. Some of the things that are going on at the moment include: Designing a workshop for e-Portfolios for MoodlePosium 2012 at the University of Canberra Co-teaching a unit on Assessment and Evaluation in a graduate certificate Finalising a research report for the Master of Higher Education this semester With regard to the MoodlePosium 2012 Colleagues Danny Munnerley and Matt Bacon are also designing a workshop. In order to create an effective workshop they are using approaches from Design Thinking for Educators  (see ), combined with their own knowledge and experiences from their Arts and Design background and experiences in teaching and education in general. Their design essentially asks students to identify and create a solution to a problem they define. In their case the context is Moodle and AR, in my cas