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e-Portfolfio activity for Jan 2013

CC Link Mahara and e-Portfolio activity for January. Art and Design This week I have regrouped with Cathy (course convener) and her team from Art and Design  for a unit called Intro to Communications. The first year students in this unit will begin their portfolio journey by first developing their reflective practice using the journal tool in Mahara. Later on in semester they will develop the skills to create pages and share their journal with their tutors. In subsequent years they will learn other portfolio skills using both Mahara and other cloud platforms, as well as a broader range of ICT skills in general. A portfolio approach is seen as a good way for students to keep a record of their work and also develop their communication skills. Education (Early Childhood and Primary) Ryan came over from Education for an intro to Mahara and e-Portfolios. He is new to the teaching team that last year took e-Portfolios from the unit level to the course level. This is very exciti

ePortfolios and Narrative, is there anything in common?

It strikes me that creating certain types of e-Portfolios, such as a product or process based portfolios, has things in common with story writing or narrative. Both require us to think about similar things such as the subject and themes/topics, purpose, audience, etc. Wikipedia defines narrative as: "A narrative (or story ) is any account that presents connected events, [1] and may be organized into various categories: non-fiction (e.g. New Journalism , creative non-fiction , biographies , and historiography ); fictionalized accounts of historical events (e.g. anecdotes , myths and legends ); and fiction proper (i.e. literature in prose , such as short stories and novels , and sometimes in poetry and drama , although in drama the events are primarily being shown instead of told ). Narrative is found in all forms of human creativity and art, including speech , writing , songs , film , television , video games , photography , theatre , and visual arts such as painting,