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Supporting the teacher education team to integrate e-portfolio strategies

Late last year the Teacher Education team decided, based on the experiences of 4 early adopters, to integrate portfolio practice across the course. Today I delivered a Mahara/Portfolio workshop to help bring the rest of the team up to speed. This is the first time since TLC began its e-portfolio implementation that I have run a workshop for an entire teaching team. In my experience so far e-portfolio use in any discipline has begun with one or two people and then grown, but the teacher education team is the first large team (13+ unit conveners) to take it course wide. I had met most of the Teacher Education team ( last year ) at a time when there were 4 staff (up from 1 the year before) in the team using portfolios in their units. The 4 unit conveners were able to make explicit the benefits they had experienced from using e-portfolios across the 4 units and were able to advocate portfolio practice to the group. Much better coming from them than from me, and besides, being the practi

Distributed, discipline specific, screencasting for student IT training

 Unit conveners from Education and Arts and Design at the University of Canberra are creating short just-in-time screen casts themselves, that show students how to perform specific functions in Mahara. Mahara is a relatively complex system that takes a while to learn. Our experience so far confirms that introducing Mahara in small chunks as needed (as determined by the rest of the curriculum) works very well. It could be any IT based system, but the idea is that rather than provide generic how-to videos from a central support group, unit conveners value add by making the videos context specific. We could make a bunch of generic videos that show students how to make a jounral, a portfolio page, sharing a page etc. The benefit of the teachers making these videos is that the convener can embed; the reason for using the tool. unit specific instructions regarding the content students are meant to be collecting, generating. very focused instructions about how the students go about a sp

Supporting staff using e-Portfolios

Unit convener, Stephen Barrass, is working with a number of people from the Teaching and Learning Centre (myself, Danny Munnerley , Matt Bacon), the UC Sustainability Office, UC Marketing and a Graphic Artist to integrate a hands-on approach to teaching Cross Media Production this semester. More information about his project can be found here: My role is in having input into the integration of portfolio approaches into the design of the unit, providing some technical support and input into platform selection, and do a tiny bit of guest-speaking on portfolio practice. With regard to the guest-speaker aspect Stephen has asked me to address the first tutorial group (and perhaps others) and share perspectives I have gained from my research and practice. In particular why people are using e-portfolios, ethical considerations, the implications of the e in e -portfolios, as well as the differences between personal and professional portfolios and the different

Unit Outline Repository Stats for this month

Having managed the Unit Outline Repository project (and having been stuck maintaining it!), it's great to see the popularity of the repository grow year on year. Today's yammer post We can see in the graph below that the hard work of the faculties and their administrative staff (who upload all the outlines) is paying off in terms of increasing the ease and convenience of access to unit outlines. Data available to Feb 6 2013 TO help explain the growth there are increasing levels of coverage in terms of unit outlines available in relation the number of offers. It's also clear that students are increasingly accessing the online version of the outline when they need information from them, rather than relying on a downloaded copy for the whole semester.

ePortfolios Australia 2013 Forum Announced!!!