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ePortfolio Research@UC News

Misty Adoniou (University of Canberra Senior Lecturer: Faculty of Education, Science, Technology and Maths) and a colleague from the Australian Catholic University have recently received funding from ACT (Australian Capital Territory) Education and Training Directorate to conduct research into how teaching portfolios shift from a graduate portfolio to an employment portfolio in the first year of teaching. Misty is an early adopter of e-portfolio practice in teacher education at UC, and will be  presenting the research at the Learner Conference in Rhodes in July. Misty can be contacted via email at

Teacher Education staff at UC employ Mahara as their professional portfolio tool

Late last week I met with four unit conveners from the Teacher Education teaching team, Dr Iain Hay, Dr Misty Kirby, Anita Collins, Dr Steve Shann. Together with Misty Adoniou, Tiina Roppola, and others in Teacher Education they have been integrating ePortfolios into the course wide teacher education curriculum this year. Wanting to deliver the best experience for students who will be asked to use Mahara, and wanting find ways to solve some of their own issues around paper based approaches to the professional development and review process, they decided to use Mahara for their own professional portfolios.  It was a very informal meeting, Iain, Steve, Anita and Misty individually presented what they had achieved in Mahara by themselves over the last week or so. Each had taken a different approach and created a different looking portfolio based on what they thought the PDR required, what their goals were (e.g. promotion), technical ability etc. This meeting was about coming togethe

e-Portfolio Templates - imagine the potential!

At the 2011 portfolio forum in Perth WA Kathleen Yancey  showed the audience in her Masterclass how to think of e-portfolios in a way that could bring together learning from inside and outside a course - documenting learning obtained outside formal courses, and revealing the linkages between formal courses and extra curricula activities. This approach maximises the value of the resulting portfolio not only for the portfolio author but also their audiences, since for a teacher or adviser it is useful to know what a student is doing outside a course. See tuned as I track down this work by Kathleen. Also see this Slide Share:  The proof is in the portfolio: An architecture of the good, the bad and the mediocre  by Terrel Rhodes ; Terrel delivered the Masterclass with Kathleen. Kathleen demonstrated to me the value of holistic portfolio approaches, and this fits in well with my developing interest in templates. At UC we have some experience with competency based templates. In 2011


This looks interesting, has anyone used Lumosity  to improve their brain function???

Mahara stats for the 8th of April 2013

The growth trend for Mahara pages continues well into semester 1 2013 (last week was the mid-semester break). Page count now standing at just over 33000 pages created since May 2009. The number of active users in 7 days is also at an all time high of 679.

Rolex Learning Center

This morning, during conversation about research practice,  +Danny Munnerley  said I should check out the Rolex Learning Center. I was initially impressed by the building, but reading on it was clear the aspirations and design of the space were the most impressive. Read on to find out more .

SAFFIRE project - working with Faculty of Health

As part of the UC SAFFIRE project colleagues James and Margaret and myself met with Sports Studies staff from the Faculty of Health. They are running a large unit and we met to discuss various issues and possibilities. This is a large first year foundational unit of ~550 students. A process I have been attached to since learning about it during my Master of Higher Ed studies is concept mapping curriculum. I've blogged about my use of this before and this is just another example of it. The map is developed during the conversation, that is, I put the pieces on the wall and join them up as the unit conveners describe the parts of their curriculum through conversation. Sometimes the conversation begins with perceived issues, and other times the staff member has particular approaches in mind that they want to start using, etc. However the conversation begins, I start the map where the convener wants to start, and fill in the pieces of the map from there. This approach seems to wor

Stephen Barrass XMP Workshops - Design Thinking + ePortfolio Thinking

Apparently the students in Stephen Barrass' unit are really picking up the portfolio thinking approach, a colleague attending this weeks design thinking workshop was reminded of the paparazzi as the students took photos of everything from slides on the screen to the physical objects they were creating as part of the design thinking process. At the final workshop Stephen and I will extend the students portfolio thinking by asking them to create a meta reflection on the journey they have just been on. We will need to brain storm the nature of this meta reflection and how we pitch the task to the students in order to maximise its use as a learning experience. The learning outcomes of the unit will be a logical guide for this task. Some popular resources around design thinking include (if you know of more please add them to the comments):