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Infographic for Flipped Classrooms

The Flipped Classroom infographic  

ePortfolios on the ground at La Guardia

Ray Tolley came across this fantastic video that summarises ePortfolio practice at La Guardia Community College and shared via his blog: It's a must see.

What are the critical elements of online learning experiences?

This is an old 2008 assignment I submitted for a Post Grad Cert in Online Learning through University of Southern Queensland. Danny Munnerley recently invited me to contribute to the design and running of his Designing for Online Learning unit, and the critical elements in this assignment provide a nice matrix against which the participants can critique their own experiences of various online units (Moocs for example). Perhaps someone else will find it useful. (click image to see document)

Geo located learning and assessment paper. See how mobile devices can be used to bring learning, assessment and physical spaces together, helping to make learning more rich and assessment more authentic. If you have been looking for an existing pp for this kind of stuff the paper talks about an app called QuestInSitu .

ACU video conference workshop - ePortfolios and Mahara

Description of the ACU workshop Disciplines present Paramedics Midwifery Occupational therapy Nursing Locations/Campuses (video conference using polycom solution) North Sydney Canberra (on site) Ballarat Brisbane Melbourne Reasons for integrating portfolio practice Development and assessment of skills, attitudes and knowledge. Employability: employers are increasingly preferring students provide evidence through e-portfolios (the following come from a study of what employers are looking for - not sure of reference) critical thinking communication skills knowledge of and engagement in the relevant profession - e.g. volunteering Discussion topics (in general)  This agenda was designed to cater for people migrating from a non-Mahara environment, who have  ideas ranging from none to fully developed of what they will be using e-portfolios for, and assumes people have no experience with Mahara. (Even if people have experience with Mahara I spoke of f