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A #flipclass model informed by theory and practice

The following model is a mix of theory and experience obtained during a short pilot of the flipped model. (Also see this important post by Julie Schell   - The 2 most powerful flipped classroom tips I have learned so far) Design based on 2013 Business Government & Law Flipped Classroom Pilot at the University of Canberra. Table 1: Principles followed Independent learning, group or individual (pre workshop) Workshop on campus Principles applied to this study mode include: Activities and content are aligned with learning outcomes and assessment. Students cover content and concepts required for the workshop individually or collaboratively ahead of workshop. This may be a mix of online content and activities as well as engaging with objects/people/content in other real-world locations. Students write down questions they have about the content/experience/etc and bring along, or submit online in advance, for discussion/help in a workshop. Students take ext