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Coming up! #ePortfolio Australia Forum 2014 #eportforum

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BBC News story: The Education Revolution

A great story if you have time to listen, I heard it on the radio. It's not available online yet but it will be available soon the page says. Things I found interesting: The role of cognitive science in developing educational experiences. Examples of two camps - total ICT integration in 0-13 education (to the point of taking over teaching roles traditionally held by human teachers), and total ICT removal in 0-13 education. Both camps take the approach of maintaining and developing creativity and critical thinking (versus filling empty vessels), but each side sees their own methods/tools as best for achieving this. IMHO we can be creative without ICT, but ICT opens new avenues/ways to be creative and communicate creative processes and output. As to what age range is best to begin embedding ICT I have no idea. What I do know is that I have provided educational software on tablets and PC's for my own kids and without doubt th

New features in #Mahara 1.9

   1.9.0 The following announcement was made yesterday by Kristina Hoeppner to the Mahara Community News Forum. "It is mid April and thus time for another Mahara release. We have a number of great new features and bug fixes again. Without further ado, here are some of the highlights: Fulltext search support for MySQL with Elasticsearch Series of accessibility improvements to achieve W3C WCAG 2.0 Level AA (except for some admin pages) Place feedback for a page in a block Institution-specific dashboard and default language Profile completion progress bar Spam protection enhancements Cookie Consent (esp. important for European users) Other notable new features include: Support for Creative Commons 4.0 Sort files in the "Folder" block ascending or descending and set default sort order Download an entire folder of files as zip file See the full list of new features and bug fixes here: https://launch

#maharahui14 #Mahara #ePortfolio Conference 2014 Writeup

Mahara Hui 2014 - Wellington - New Zealand See full website Reflections by Misty Kirby and Shane Nuessler All Mahara logos by Catalyst IT Keynote by Mark Nichols: Mahara and the challenges of adulthood Watch the keynote, an engaging presentation setting the stage for the conference: Sessions We Presented Misty ECARx: Early career academic researchers' experience using ePortfolios (Wednesday) For more information email Misty & Shane Smart evidence: Improving ePortfolio quality through intervention (Thursday) eMail or Sessions We Attended Click here for abstracts Click here for full presentations – accessible via links in the schedule. Misty Wednesday, 19 Ma