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#OnlineLearning through #openbadges, #moodle using badges, scaffolding, conditional release, social learning.

The following approach (in response to an email from below) could be used in MOOCS, OOCs and described as a gaming approach: quick wins/milestones, scaffolding (levelling), using the open badges architecture, conditional release in moodle, social learning tools, and levels of difficulty (Scaffolding).  A design could be developed that allows people to start a unit and make some quick wins and provides a teacher with valuable insight- e.g. provide a quiz regarding required prior knowledge and award a badge for the desired pass level. Without giving away badges such that they become meaningless you could then setup a module based approach – incorporating forums and other social learning opportunities, where students earn a badge for passing the module via an automated quiz or other manual assessment item (e.g. Creating a video, whatever). This way students collect badges (reward based system) along the way – this gives a sense of achievement but also feedback from the unit and i