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When is the implementation of an #ePortfolio and related practice achieved?

That's a very tough question to answer, it depends on how an organisation or project plans defines success. Having led the implementation at the University of Canberra since Jan 2011 from 800 accounts to over 12,000 I believe our own implementation is far from over, but it has reached a critical mass and the growth trend is unlikely to reverse. This for me is an important milestone and a measure of success. It takes a lot of effort, conversations and demonstrations to get this far. An important factor is the degree to which you can sign up early adopters, their examples will be a determiner of success, many people need to see what you are talking about. Growth in practice While presenting on the use and value of Mahara, Di, convener of the 2014 common first year unit, added that she had been invited by the Dean of Health to join their Mahara ePortfolio community (Health precinct). Health uses Mahara for discussions in forums, share documents, and create resources for staff. In

UC Contributions to #Mahoodle (#Mahara and #Moodle)

For the last few years the University of Canberra has employed Moodle as its learning management system, and Mahara as its ePortfolio platform. Together they provide a powerful platform that supports numerous dimensions of learning and learning community. In pursuit of maximising the usability and value of this binary platform UC has been working with the community to support developments around enhanced functionality, usability, usefulness and maintainability of the existing integrations that are necessary for the two platforms to work together. For example we are supporting the implementation of LTI  in Mahara to underpin the Moodle Assignment Plugin as well as portfolio archiving in the existing Mahara assignment Moodle plugin. In addition we are working with Catalyst IT and the community to bring together the communities two assignment plugins that have different but complimentary strengths into a single improved version. The following is an extract from July 2014 Mahara bulleti