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Developing a local and global #professionalnetwork using #Mahara and LinkedIn.

For many students our local Mahara ePortfolio platform provides the beginning for many students of their professional network. When introducing students to Mahara I also like to find out about their use of other professional and social platforms. The reason is that while local networks are important, to the point where research suggests that support from friend(s) is linked to higher retention rates (Prichard, Wilson, 2003), it's also important to begin making public/global connections and developing a professional identity at this level. Last week I asked a class of students how many of them had a LinkedIn account, of the 30 students none had a LinkedIn account, though some did have a blog and more had a Facebook account. When asked why people don't have one, the answer was that they don't think they have anything useful to add to a profile. While Mahara provides an excellent platform for a local networking and university related activities such as communicating projects,