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#spacedesign ideas in #highered @UniversitySA, photos taken while at #MMMup

While visiting @UniversitySA for the Moodle Mahara Meetup 2015 I took the opportunity to snap some pics of useful space ideas. 1) Extra power points on the tables so people don't have to choose between  powering their own device or using the local computer. 2) Monitors that are touch enabled plus fold down out of the way so  you can collaborate with your group without having to stand up or lean to the side. 3) The space below doesn't have moveable tables and moveable screens, which means it's always left the same state for the next person (maybe the chairs need moving a bit). Also the walls are lined with opaque glass (cheaper than special paint?). In addition  Smart  provides the touch and pen interactive monitor's seen on the walls, they work like any IWB but can any content a regular TV/Monitor could. 4) Power to the people - all of the spaces in the building we were in have extra power points dotted around the place so people c