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#THETA2015 thoughts and reflections

THETA 2015 was an amazing conference, one of the best I have been to, full of learning and networking across IT, education, research and the library world.   Top 5 take home points: Adopt a Knowledge Centered Support approach to service desk and self-help to increase support satisfaction and reduce support ticket numbers.  Libraries now using systems that can scan research literature to reveal research frontiers and trends - offering as a service to researchers and research students. For Australian universities CAUDIT offers many services e.g. procurement. Specialised platforms integrated using standards such as Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) will replace monolithic learning management systems. Look into and study (if you have time) Learning Sciences: EG it tells us that studying the same content in two different rooms will improve performance in an exam covering that content AND that underlining text in a book while stu