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Workshopping the design of a faculty building #refurbishment

At my university a couple of buildings are up for refurbishment. This is a complex task with many stakeholders, stakeholder groups, conflicting needs, limited budgets, etc. The challenge is to deliver a space that works on multiple levels for multiple people. The worst case outcome of this process is a space that is not welcomed by the users and that everyone complains about until the next refurbishment. When gathering requirements the challenge is to ask the right questions. But what are the right questions?  The project manager and I began drafting questions and they tended to be functional questions like "what should a work space be", "what is a teaching space" that would have provided answers like "open plan/ individual office space" or "a 20 computer lab/ dry lab/ messy lab". These are questions that may lead to functional answers and do not really help in designing spaces that staff will like to be in, or welcome students, or that foste

#edutech 2015 - great conference, what's trending in #education?

Quite a few things actually! I'll be elaborating during the week but here were the big things for me: 3d printing based courses, services and the emergence of library maker spaces Robotics and programming in education, the next key literacy Rise of AI in all sorts of services from identifying  research frontiers to answering students frequently asked questions (e.g. Watson at Deakin) Predictive analytics - helping students make decisions about future directions and advising staff which parts of the curriculum need a redesign VR is coming to education in a big way, with students both creating world's and learning from VR experiences Keep an eye on Microsoft's Hololens - this will take augmented reality to the next level Active, authentic learning and assessment - often seen as hard to scale up, but please see the work of Eric Mazur for solutions And of course the rise and rise of mobile device use to access educational environments Feel free to comment!