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A bit of history, long live #XML

In 2005 a small team of four designed and developed an online system to collect academic software needs for the student Standard Operating Environment at the Australian National University. Brian Molinari (Concept) Myself (Programmer, Concept), Adrian Burton (Academic Liaison, Concept) and Patrick Byrnes (Graphic Design). Today Adrian, still working at the ANU, informed me the biannual call had just gone out for academic SOE needs and that they still to this day use DIANA, the system we developed. I'm not sure who maintains it now but the About page still has all our names, and is up to version 3.0.0. Given the details on this page I assume it is still the same code base using XML, SOAP (+WSDL), XPATH, AJAX, etc. It's rare I think for something you helped build 10 years ago to still be in use, especially in the software world. Maybe XML really is extensible and will help extend the life of projects that use it, like we hoped it would in 2005.