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#ePortfolio Australia Forum ( #eportforum ) 2015 reflections

This year the ePortfolios Australia Forum was held at Edith Cowan University , Perth, Western Australia. A big thanks to Edith Cowan,  Vanguard Visions  and the community. The Rendezvous Hotel at Scarborough has a great location. It was fantastic to catch up with the community after so long, I didn't attend the 2014 forum last year and really missed the enthusiasm and energy it brings to ePortfolio practice. There were the long time implementers as well as people new to ePortfolios wanting to find out what they can offer and how to go about implementation. ECU offers some fantastic learning spaces as well, with now common design trends being applied to their flexible and collaborative learning spaces. Note the fixed monitors that groups can orient around. An interesting thing we noticed was a small team doing the rounds before classes, re-configuring the rooms according to the preferences of the teacher, I assume the preferences are collected at the time of the booking.