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2016 #eportforum in Sydney - #greatcommunity #greatideas fantastic time.

I want to post on one workshop I went to by Joyce Seitzinger +Joyce Seitzinger  , it was on LX - Learner Experience. The essentials of this user/customer/student/staff centered philosophy has underpinned the University of Canberra's entire approach to the Virtual Learning Environment procurement project, a project I've been managing since last April hence the gap in blog posts! Anyway here are the notes, with links to resources for you to access as shared by Joyce. As an example project, Joyce worked with the Australian Institute for Training and Development to develop their digital badges. See work by Marc HassenZahl - LX - What is it? In the context of someone using a tablet or smartphone - the tapping on glass is not for the experience of the phone it's for the emotional and learning experience through the app or web site. It's about creating an experience through a device. For our VLE project this was also applied to the suite of educational technology and li

#smartevidence #procurement

I'll get back into blogging about whats going on in my UC work life soon, it's been a mammoth year and a bit, procuring a number of major TEL and Library systems in one go. However, we are getting through, and I hope by the end of the year or early next we will be able to write up our experience doing that. For now, I just wanted to alert readers to a project called SmartEvidence that is an idea forming into code thanks to the amazing people at Catalyst like Kristina Hoeppner: For current news about this exciting project see This enhancement to Mahara will enable storing and tracking of achievement against competency frameworks, a practice long held in education using paper based competency grids, but now with a 21st century take. Enjoy! And of course contribute!