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Bring seamless #LTI to #Mahara for a better #Integration with the #LMS

MNET has been fantastic for enabling the seamless integration between Mahara and Moodle, it provided a seamless user experience for staff and students. This is fantastic, until you have an LMS that isn't Moodle and want to seamlessly integrate it with Mahara. There is a need to bring the Mahoodle level of integration to Mahara and other LMS's so that organisations that don't use Moodle can enjoy the great benefits of Mahara. The industry standard way to do this is via LTI, now at version 1.3 . Catalyst are currently building the capital to do this, a number of universities have already stepped up, and we need more contributions to achieve the goal. Please see below for the Catalyst Newsletter, May 2018, advising how to contact Catalyst if you would like to be part of this amazing project to make sure Mahara can connect seamlessly for more environments, and hopefully improve the experience of staff and students at your institution if you don't use Moodle and want to add