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#Canvascon 2017 in Syndey

Features on the way (late post) Big changes coming besides updates to Gradebook Dashboard layout. Does away with the tiles and uses a coloured list which is informational. First quarter of next year. Stand alone LTI and fully accessible and mobile compliant. Drag and drop, fill in the blanks, drawing on pictures. Much of this we know.  Guage New Assessment management system. (Ams) Not course bound. Can be deployed based on any student attribute. Ie all students in a given faculty, or students with a certain status. Includes centralised reporting including longitudinal and cross cohorts. Leverages Arc Will support embedding of quizzes using When a video is uploaded into arc staff can choose points in the video to add questions. Analytics and reporting of fully supported. Includes captioning with >90% accuracy.  Large class support, Doc viewer and Google and Microsoft integrations all improved.

Conference Notes: ACODEs AR + VR + MR (XR) = #anewreality #acodenews

#aNewReality Workshop @ Griffith University Griffith University held a 2 day Immersive Learning event where those Colleagues who manage emerging technologies, and leading practitioners from across the Australasian Landscape shared their experiences, both at an Institutional and ‘on the ground’ development levels. Some of the questions UC went in asking: What are other Higher Education Institutions are doing around Immersive Learning and Emerging Technologies?  How is XR being used to increase student engagement, retention, and learning? How does XR support online students to feel more connected and situated? What strategies and technologies are a good fit for UniCanberra? Which approaches are not only educationally effective but also scale in terms of adoption and supportable, and are equitable? How much physical investment is needed to create various content in-house, what kind of content can be created using different technologies, and what ongoing support/