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Converting a tiered lecture theatre to a student centred flat floor space. this is #learningspacedesign

You don't necessarily realise, at the time, when you are working with someone truly great in your field. Danny Munnerley ( ) was and is one of those people, he is well and truly a leader and innovator in education and my eyes were opened to many new ideas he had and approaches that he took. AR/VR, design thinking and learning space design were some of his passions in the time I worked with him in the early 2000's. One of the ideas he promoted was how learning space designs dictate how people will teach in a given space. For example, lecture theatres just through their design speak to the students and teachers about how teaching will occur in that space. Spaces lead people to teach in certain ways, they both encourage certain pedagogies and discourage others. We can use this to help shift teaching toward a more student centered pedgagogy and andragogy and also heutagogy (more on the differences: