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An example of how #processimprovement and #technology choice helped a university #Library and its patrons.

In the time I have been working at the University of Canberra I have seen significant change across the institution. The environment the university operates in continues to though new challenges up from COVID to tougher government higher education policy. My role in all this has a lot to do with applying new technology and processes to help the university meet these challenges. One of the areas of campus my team supports from a technology perspective the Library Services. I manage a team that has supported the learning and library systems since 2015. It's a unique situation compared to structures at many universities, since Learning and Teaching teams don’t usually manage Library systems. This organisational structure was setup deliberately by senior managers who have since departed for one reason or another. Their goal was to realise an improved experience for students and teaching staff by bringing the library information systems and learning and teaching systems closer togethe