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The rise of virtual classrooms #edtech

Over the last year we have seen a strong and steady growth in use of virtual classrooms even in a period (the first half of 2021) where COVID cases were low in Australia and universities were encouraging staff and students back onto campus for learning and teaching. Numbers of both small and large classes have increased in our virtual classroom software, as have recordings with a Terabyte of content being added in the first half of this year.  For the last 10 years,  as long as efficient lecture recording and convenient access has been around,  we have seen a decline in lecture attendance, usually after the first 1-3 weeks, as students catch up on lectures via the recording when it suits them. This has been a point of great concern and frustration for teachers who sometimes are teaching to a largely empty room. Why, even in a COVID normal state with low cases and a push for on campus delivery did the number of virtual classes grow in number and size?  There are some  hypothetical reaso

How technology can support student vs teacher driven spaces #edtech #studentdriven

Success in learning is personal for every student, and to be successful students need a way to reach out, to ask questions, to engage with others in discussion, create content, setup meetings, conduct presentations, co-author work in groups and work in teams. Teachers need to do similar things in order to teach and while we have focused on providing technology to teachers to do these things we generall haven't handed control directly to students. It is on the shoulders of teachers to enable add forums, virtual rooms etc for students to learn, but this doesn't leave much of an opportunity for students to take control of their learning. Most of the technology rolled out for learning and teaching in my experience has been teacher driven. Take the following platforms for example which are typically found at universities and can  be described as TEL (Technology Enhanced Learning) platforms: learning management system lecture capture system virtual classroom reading list tool exam de